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Details-About Johannes



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About: Johannes

Unlike many other photographers Johannes found his way to photography very late, but prospered with remarkable speed and verve.

His photography work has its seeds in documentary and photojournalistic photography always with a focus on compelling expression, precise lighting and skillful composition. His photographs seek to captivate, enthrall and seduce the viewer. Johannes combines different genres of photography to reveal and originate his own specific and pristine style of elusiveness - and this finally leads to his wedding photos where he captures blissful moments covered in magical light.

With his power of observation he creates an authentic sight for all the different stories and tales of a wedding. He dismantles the superficial face and reveals the inmost emotions of a ceremony in its sincere and genuine sense. Unpretentious, but ambitious and sophisticated Johannes induces a wow effect remarked by many bridal couples and customers. With his clear and distinctive vision he preserves a moment of eternity for eternity.

“I'm pleased and delighted if the bridal couple and all the guests love my photos and acknowledge my work as well as photography itself makes me happy, but the true and deep gratification comes when I realize that I could give a piece of luck and felicity to a couple.”