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Details-About Sebastian



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About: Sebastian

In spite of his young age, Sebastian has been living in São Paulo, Brazil for several years. After studying at the Technical University of Vienna, he graduated from the college of Photography at the „Graphische“, located in Vienna.

Packed with his curiosity and his camera he is always looking for new things. He dedicates his documentary work to unsophisticated story telling without intervention. With his slogan „Right in the middle of, rather than just being present“ and his discrete and friendly attitude he manages to capture unique moments.

Beside his search for humour in daily life situations, Sebastian`s photography is defined by clear structure and having a special eye for unique lightning situations.

Sebastian says: “Being surrounded by and being a part of totally emotionally charged people is great. You are a witness of the first day of a new period of two totally loving people’s lives! Could there be anything better?“