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The Experience - Before the wedding-1




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While you are preparing your wedding you are suddenly faced with so many questions and decisions. There seemingly is no time to ask one of the most important questions: How will I remember it all?

In 20 years time, how will I show my grown up children the story of "how it all began"? Who will I choose to document it for the future generations in our new family? How much are these memories worth to me?

We are master story tellers with the camera and we consider your wedding the first chapter in the saga of your new family history.

We take capturing your family history very seriously, this is why your experience with us starts long before the wedding day. Initially you will - with our help - select the best suited photographer and service level for your wedding.

We like to meet couples before the wedding for a relaxed chat over Viennese coffee and cake. We will discuss the details of your day(s), and more importantly you will get to know your photographer better so you know you can trust him. We make sure you know that you are well taken care of. This means you will feel relaxed in front of the camera on your big day, which allows us to take amazing pictures and allows you to be amazing.

As we have clients all over the world and since our photographers do quite a bit of traveling we have also been working with video conferencing for meetings before the wedding for a number of years, which works equally well. We can´t serve you coffee over the net but a friendly smile and chat will make you feel like you have met us in person and that you´ve made new friends.

Before the wedding