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We love the pictures so much and have received a ton of compliments on them. Your pictures are amazing! They are truly magical. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Christel & Scott

Wedding in Tunis, Tunisia

We will have these photos for the rest of our lives and are so happy that we have chosen someone who has given us the best gift. We love your photos, they are breathtakingly beautiful.

Christel & Scott

In a message sent to Stephan
on the day of their 5th wedding anniversary

Stephan was what made our wedding really special. Our wedding days continue to live on in his stunningly beautiful images

Sonali & Abishek

Wedding in Goa, India

Your work is simply sensational. I don´t have any other words for it.

I am speechless. One thousand thanks!

Uli & Thomas

Wedding in Salzburg, Austria

One of the World´s most sought-after Wedding Photographers

Shanghai Daily

Stephan Rauch is considered the Best Wedding Photographer in the World and was able to build a boutique global brand name in his field  


Go ahead and take a look at Stephan Rauch´s work. You will share our excitement

Wedding Style

Dear Stephan,

Vivek and I heard from our guests first how great our wedding pictures are! They are AMAZING! We received so many compliments for them, and how great you were.

Everyone is saying that these are the best pictures they have ever seen.

You did and awesome job! Vivek and I are so happy with the outcome. Our slideshow tells our wedding story so beautifully. It was a true pleasure to work with you. You captured so many little moments and emotions in us, our guests and surroundings.

Thank you again!

Anja & Vivek

We were so lucky to have found you for our wedding. Thank you that you were there for us. Thank you for capturing those special moments that we can still laugh about them today. Thank you for “just” being there for us without feeling the need to have to be the center of attention.

It made all the difference

Doris & Peter

We couldn´t wait to see the slideshow. We have watched it several times already today and are once again completely hooked on Stephan´s photos. Once again many thanks for your work.

We will not get married again (hopefully 🙂 but I am sure that there will be another opportunity for a celebration soon where we will need your artistic support…

Traudi & Lukas

Wedding Reportages featuring stephans Work

It has been about four weeks since the wedding and Barbara and I have been enjoying the newly married life. We are also really enjoying the slide show which you posted for us online. We love it, the family love it and our friends love it. Thank you.

Barbara and Christopher

Hi Stephan,
The slideshow made us laugh, then cry, then laugh again – there’s just no way to thank you for capturing all our happy moments. It was a wonderful day for us, and we hope you had a good time too!

Many thanks Stephan – if only we could get married every summer, then we’d be sure to see you again soon!


Catherine & Mazin

I have never met such a pleasant,  kind and unobtrusive photographer in my life. We really felt comfortable. The photos in our album are crazy good!
So beautiful, so touching, just so spot on.

Eva & Markus

Just before we left for our honeymoon, we were so glad to see that the short slideshow was ready ahead of schedule. I must have watched it 20 times right then and there. The pictures are absolutely brilliant! By now we even know the long slideshow by heart.

Simone und Andreas

The photos are soooooooo phantastic it´s really hard to make a selection! I have gone over them so many times and I finde I find it impossible to eliminate any for the album selection. I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you. You were super! I have never seen a photographer blend in with the wedding party that well.  One can clearly see it in the images, that´s why they look so natural. We are very glad that we have decided on you and glad that you decided to take the time to be with us on your birthday!

Birgit & Joachim

We are still completely taken aback. The pictures are even better than we expected. The are just WOW, we are at a loss of words. It is wonderful how you were able to capture the mood of our wedding with your photos. We got goose bumps looking at them.

The photos will forever remind us of this beautiful day. Than you once again for your wonderful work!

Margarita & Markus

… wow ….. Stephan we are completely smitten just now….
Just speechless!

You have captured our wedding in such a brilliant way, you were able to catch all the moments we were hoping to see and much, much more! You have such a gift and intuition for the moment and the point of view…. We are simply gobsmacked.

We have been watching the slideshow for the umpteenth time!

There are so many details, so many subtleties and ideas behind so many of the images. I am just so impressed with the level of tactfulness and sensitiveness that goes into your images!!!

Each emotion is there in it´s perfect, perfect form.


I´m sure we will be looking at the pictures another couple of thousand times in the coming days, so I hope we will not crash your server 🙂

Barbara & Kurt