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A perfect moment for an exercise in humility

First I want to thank you for taking a moment to get in touch.
This is a moment that is still special to me. I find it perfectly suited for an exercise in humility. Let me explain.

I fully appreciate that all the success that I have enjoyed, all the attention and accolades that my work has received, comes from one source only: Because young couples have placed their trust in me. They may initially have felt overwhelmed and hesitant with making such a decision when they first visited my website. The excitement, but also the pressure, of starting a new family and of planning a wedding can be overwhelming.

Still, they decided to take this first step, just like you did just now. To get in touch and find out more. The first step is the most important one. Each and every artistic masterpiece had a humble beginning that started with a basic, first step. I want, in turn, to humbly thank you for extending this initial confidence.

You, yourself might one day consider this moment to hold significance in your life.

"We are so glad to have found you and, although I was initially reluctant, we are so happy to have decided to choose you" is to me the most beautiful feedback. I am fortunate to have received it so many times from the people I get to share those most important moments in life with. I find it even more special when, many years after the wedding, I get such a note out of the blue. It keeps me grounded and humble. It does because in this moment I know that the story I create for you will be a part of your family for many generations to come.

Just imagine how you might remember this very moment in many years time. This moment, when there still remained so many questions to be answered. When, of course, there was uncertainty. But deep down you knew it felt just right. Deep down, you already knew you had found the right person to tell the story of your family.

Now that you got to know a bit about me, I do very much look forward to start listening and to get to know you.