What makes working with Stephan such a unique Experience?


The Experience

Unique moments, sometimes only a short wink – these are the irrecoverable and precious memories of life: a childhood memory of that one unforgettable birthday celebration or the family vacation that you will cherish for the rest of your life. There are many ways to define a relationship, but what truly matters are those special moments.

Moments in which you know that you are going through life with the right person, together, beside each other, when you feel that it´s right – when words aren´t necessary.

Your wedding day, the day you decide to share life as a married couple, side by side as husband and wife.

This is the experience. Your experience.




Before the Wedding

While you are preparing your wedding you are suddenly faced with so many questions and decisions. There seemingly is no time to ask one of the most important questions: How will I remember it all? 

In 20 years time, how will I show my grown up children the story of “how it all began”? Who will I choose to document it for the future generations in our new family? How much are these memories worth to me? 

We are master story tellers with the camera and we consider your wedding the first chapter in the saga of your new family history. We take capturing your family history very seriously, this is why your experience with us starts long before the wedding day.


We like to get to know before the wedding, establishing trust early on is an essential part of our process and so important to make you feel at ease. Shortly before the wedding day, we will discuss the details of your day(s). We make sure you know that you are well taken care of. This means you will feel relaxed in front of the camera on your big day, which allows us to take amazing pictures and allows you to be amazing.


 As we have clients all over the world and since we do quite a bit of traveling we substitute a personal meeting with a video call, which works equally well. We can´t serve you coffee over the net but a friendly smile and chat will make you feel like you have met us in person and that you´ve made new friends.



At the wedding

It´s your wedding day and your experience – our highest priority is that you get to savor every minute of it.

We will be there to document it in our unique style but we will never intervene or give orders to you or your guests. The story should unfold and be documented just as you intended it.

Posed portraits are almost always part of the wedding day. We have a carefully developed process to ensure that we get the shots of you, the newlywed couple, and your loved ones without taking you away from the festivities for an extended time. We have perfected this approach over the years and usually we can get a ton of good shots in a 10 to 15 minute time frame. We want to ensure that you can spend as much time as possible enjoying your wedding party, catching up with friends that you haven´t see in years and spending those precious moments with your family that you will remember for the rest of life. Thanks to our training in traditional photojournalism and to over 20 years worth of experience, we are used to working fast and efficiently as we often don´t get more than 10 minutes to photograph the portrait of a busy CEO or celebrity. We will deliver the same for your wedding.

While we don´t intervene, we still make friends with you and your guests – it´s always an experience for them and it will make everybody feel at ease in front of the camera.  This way we ensure that everyone is having a good time and that we get the best & most natural images.


After the wedding

Your experience with us is not limited to great wedding photography and to your wedding day.

We are proud of the many yearlong friendships we maintain with some of our clients that started on a wedding day. One of the reasons we can be so passionate about our job is that we get to meet so many interesting people and get to share exceptional experiences with them.

Designing, producing as well as packaging and presenting your deliverables is an integral part of your experience with us and something we tend to with a lot of attention to detail. From our unified design philosophy for our book designs to custom USB thumb drives on which you will received your images in high resolution.

All of our wedding books are exclusively made for us by the best craftsmen in their field, which not only warrants quality of the highest order but allows us to guarantee the uniqueness of your book – it will be as outstanding as your big day. On top of that the special touch of Stephan Rauch Wedding Photo design will ensure that you receive a one-of-a-kind and inimitable work of art.

We want your experience to continue long after your big day, so do expect one or the other pleasant surprise. You can count on us.