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The Experience - At the Wedding
The Experience - At the Wedding




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It´s your wedding day and your experience - our highest priority is that you get to savor every minute of it.

We will be there to document it in our unique style but we will never intervene or give orders to you or your guests. The story should unfold and be documented just as you intended it.

Posed portraits are almost always part of the wedding day. Instead of taking you for a 2 hour road trip to shoot them, we will, together with you, plan ahead when and how to take them to ensure that you can spend most time enjoying your wedding party with your family and your friends. As all of our photographers are photojournalists, we are used to working fast and efficiently as we often don´t get more than 5 minutes to photograph the portrait of a busy CEO or celebrity.

While we don´t intervene, we still make friends with you and your guests - it´s always an experience for them and it will make everybody feel at ease in front of the camera. This way we ensure that everyone is having a good time and that we get the best & most natural images.

At the wedding